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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many stores do you have?

Just the one. We have had the opportunity to open other stores in the past, but we would sacrifice too much of who we are if we stretched ourselves too thin. It is hard enough to find enough good staff for one store. Two would be impossible.

Q. I don't want to be a professional photographer, I just like taking pictures. Is your store really for me?

Indeed it is. In fact, you are our primary customer. The bulk of our business comes from avid hobbyists and enthusiasts who enjoy photography as much as we do, and who are eager to learn. Whether you spend $100 a year or $10,000, we will give you the same amount of time and help. We do not differentiate services based on your budget.

Q. As a small/speciality store, you must cost more than larger retailers. Why should I buy from you?

We are not more expensive than anyone else. In today's market, we compete not only locally but across the country and beyond. We will almost always match local competition on price, and as Winnipeg is often the most competitive market in Canada, we are always positioned well in terms of national pricing. If you see a price which is out of line, just let us know.

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Q. What advantages are there to buying locally?

There are many. Canadian warranties are almost always better than American ones, and American warranties are rarely valid in Canada.  Also, many online dealers sell “grey market” equipment, which is either stolen or illegally imported, a practice we will have nothing to do with. Grey market items will never be covered for warranty or even fixed at all by Canadian suppliers. And of course, buying from us means you will get all the help you need, including unlimited time in store, on the phone, and even home visits, if required.

Q. I see you sell used equipment. Where does it come from, and is it warrantied?

Almost all of our used equipment comes to us via trade. Before we take an item for trade, we check to ensure it is in good working order. We will not take anything we would not use ourselves. Once we sell an item, we offer a 30 day warranty to ensure you are buying safely. We do sell on consignment on occasion (usually only for our regular customers). In the event you buy a consignment piece, you still have 30 days to return it should something go wrong.

Q. I see you sell “protection plans.” Are these extended warranties?

No. Warranties only protect against manufacturer defect, and it is very easy for warranty companies to find a reason to not grant you your claim. Our protection plans are “no fault” - they protect you against drops, liquid damage, sand, and other accidents which void normal warranties. See our protection plan page for more information.

Q. What brands do you carry that are unique in your territory? Why are you the only retailer carrying them?

As we have been solidifying our reputation as a retailer of quality equipment with the support it deserves, we have been approached by and have approached various brands with hopes that they may be sold in our store. To that end, we now carry Elinchrom lighting, Benro, Tenba, Lee filters, and the very comprehensive ProMaster line, to name a few.  More exclusives will be arriving soon, so stay tuned.

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